Cadbury Treasure Box!

Oh, for the love of chocolate

I saw an ad about how you could win a Free Cadbury Treasure Box! I was so intrigued that I decide to look in to it… I found out that it’s a company called who was giving out free chocolate. I did some research as I wasn’t sure if it was fake or real? And I came across this:


-So once I had read through this email from Paul employee of couponhills, it had happened to have convinced me and I decided I was going to get my box of chocolate. The only thing was I had to share it with 5 friends, which was really easy as all of my friends are definitely chocolate lovers as I am!


-The next thing I did was share it on Facebook to get 5 friends to sign and this way I would get my free Cadbury Treasure Box like it said on the couponhills ad.  Then I received an email welcoming me to their website, I got my login details so I can check if I have any coupons also I can check out

all their products. Also you get follow up emails so you don’t miss out on any offers. I find that couponhills is very legit and they are always happy  to help!

This is what the Couponhills Coupon look likes:




-The last step was to print out the coupon, fill it in and then send it back to them via email along with proof of address. I was told it would take 10-14 days to be delivered.  I was so exited that I had won it as I love chocolate!! Before I knew it, the box got delivered to my house:


I would definitely recommend this couponhills offer, the chocolates were so tasty, and nothing taste better then when it’s free right?


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