QUINOA a New super Food!

The Revolution of Quinoa

The recent world revolution and desire for quinoa has been evident through the years. Noticeably quinoa he reached our time to stay. This trend is linked to the newest market segment of the food industry: `Fitness’ market. Day after day we demonstrate how cities and supermarkets are filled with organic and healthy products to meet the demand for this new segment and thus create new business opportunities.

Here are some reasons why this grain is a super food and you should start consuming right away!

  1. Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods you can eat.


  1. Quinoa contains fiber, almost twice as much as most other grains. Fiber is known to relieve constipation among several benefits more


  1. Quinoa contains iron. Iron helps maintain healthy red blood cells and is the basis for the formation of hemoglobin.


  1. Quinoa contains lysine. Lysine is primarily essential for growth and tissue repair


  1. Diabetes: In 2009, the University of São Paulo (Brazil), analyzed the ten antidiabetic properties cereals and pseudo-cereals Andean


  1. Weight loss: In 2005, research by the University of Milan showed that quinoa and other alternative grains produce greater satiety than wheat or rice, which helps control appetite.


  1. For the benefits of whole grains in general, reducing the risk of stroke, asthma or colon cancer is added. Quinoa seems that is worthy of its status as a valuable food.

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