A succesfull DETOX diet

What is a Detox Diet?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that “Detox” is an abbreviation that have given the term “Detoxification” so that, in principle, would have to already have a clear indication of where the subject will go.

What makes this diet is to promote one of the body’s natural mechanisms by which these toxins are transformed into harmless components that can be eliminated by the kidneys. Consequently, your body is purified.

Here I bring a few of my favourite’s detox mixes that can come in handy if you would like to purify your body and mind.

Smoothie Shake celery, apple and spinach

Image result for Smoothie Shake celery, apple and spinach


Two cups washed spinach.

half a cucumber

A stalk of celery

Two apples with skin

A glass of lemon juice


Preparation: Add the ingredients to the blender and blend at maximum power. In case you see that there is enough liquid, go adding water until you find the ideal spot. When you try it, if you see that is a little bland, add sweetener to sweeten.

Properties: By including ingredients, this shake has potent antioxidant properties. Moreover, to the extent that the skin of apples and cucumber is preserved, it is also very rich in fiber, which will help you go Belly.


Smoothie pineapple, celery and cucumber

Image result for pineapple and ginger smoothie


A slice of pineapple

A quarter of cucumber (including the shell, which has fiber and vitamins)

A stalk of celery

A cup of water

Preparation: Add all ingredients in a blender or blender and blend at maximum power. In case it is too thick for your taste, add a little water. If you want to sweeten, you can add a little pineapple or add sweetener.

Properties: This is one of the best smoothies in preventing constipation. It also has diuretic properties that will help you be non bloated easily, so it is highly recommended smoothie if you have to lose weight in a short time.


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